No one is born with sales skills. In fact, deep down, many of us think that it is bad to ‘sell’ anything and we resist selling. Therefore we need to learn how to sell. In this seminar, participants will explore the sales process including how to close the sale, and discover that ID-10066426 - agreementthe business of all sales professionals is making friends and building relationships.

During this two-day seminar participants will learn:
o The benefits of developing a support network of connections.
o How building relationships can help them develop a business base.
o How to apply communication techniques to build their network.
o The Sales Process and how to achieve maximum results at every stage of the process

Participants will:

  • Learn what consultative selling (or customer-focused sales) is all about.
  • Explore where they should place their efforts and what activities can generate the biggest results for them.
  • Master the things which influence building relationships with customers
  • Become more discerning listeners
  • Discover how to guide the customer from one stage of the Sales Process to the next and close the sale.

Program Delivery

The Program uses active training techniques and is highly interactive.

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