Are you ready to ignite your team’s passion for excellence and unleash their potential? Do you know that your team can contribute so much more but have simply settled? Are looking for strategies to empower your team to increase ID-100100163 - Corporate team -- Stock Imagestheir value to your organization? Do you sense that your administrative team feels ‘stuck’ with their day to day routines? Do you feel that there’s so much more that your administrative teams could contribute to your business vision and mission?

In this two day seminar your administrative team will discover:

• The Secrets to a Successful Strategic Partnership with Management
• Simple Things you can do to Build a Career for Today and Tomorrow
• How to Step into Leadership and Guide Others to Achieve the Extraordinary
• How to Achieve More and Thrive through Time Management
• How to Hone their Interpersonal Skills for Success

Your administrative team is a valuable contributor to your business success. Now’s the time to unleash your team’s potential with a passion for excellence to explode your profits and stand out.


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